And the Pursuit of Happiness

Bambi Brew sez- All Amoebas are Outlaws!

Friend, my closest friends have lamented that I’m not telling MY story.  What’s happening in Jim’s life?  While the details are incredibly boring, Not Safe For Work (NSFW), and would simply be indiscrete to mention here, I can give you a pretty accurate view of “whassup!?”  So whileThe St. John’s Lighthouseis me telling the story of St. John’s, I thought I’d mention what St. John’s most famous citizen (me) is up to.

I’m sitting in the James John Cafe,  Suzanne delivers my exquisite entree and says “Sorry for the wait.”

Southwick falls from the ceiling, dusts himself off and misquotes Yoda sideways: “No, there is no wait.  Only enjoy.  Enjoy or Enjoy NOT.” — That’s one’s an easy choice at the James John Cafe.

I’m enjoying the beets and horseradish.  I have just finished rereading Tom Robbins’ Jitterbug Perfume and seemingly,beetsare everywhere.  But what else do I do with my time?

I spend much of my time distilling reality.  I do that with reflection, introspection, observation, and writing. Why? How?  Hmmm.  It’s thatLife, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happinessthing.

LIfe, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Nice.  not much overlap among these concepts.  That’s intelligent.  It shows an underlying passion for clarity and completeness in the service of enlightenment.  That’s why we love Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

But let’s not forgetDomestic Tranquillity.

Mighty nice, Mr.Furrinerfrom Australia,  sewing such seeds of domestic discord as your Fox Gnus does.  Maybe you could learn from anotherFurriner,  who seems to ooze domestic tranquility, if not total prosperity for the state of California.

Mr. Mega-corpo-politician, is it simply more profitable to sew and harvest discord than sanity?  That’s just sad.

And, by the way, when you are beingdomestic, be alsotranquil.  OK,Friend?

Life:  That has to do with protection, health, safety, food supply.

Speaking of Food Supply, protection and such: Southwick says Tommy put workman’s overalls on 6 foot amoeba.  Tried to get the thing served at the Food Carts.  Tommy has evidently been using the Storage Center as a safe-house for amoeba’s.

Liberty:  That has to do withFriend-created choices and the ability to follow through with those choices.

Bambi Brew over at the City Council affirms that the businesses do have the liberty to refuse service to these ungodly amoebas.  “St. John’s is amoeba free!”

Pursuit of HappinessPursuit— an ongoing goal directed action. Happiness.  Specifically, deliberately, understandably vague.  Who knows what the heck it is?  We all know what may make ourselves happy, or at least we think we do.  But we can only guess at what might make someone else happy.  Who knows what is your Happiness?  I’ve got the answer right here: Lemme look this up… Oh, here it is it’s, umm,  "Friend".  I’m sure you’ve met.

Tommy is alsoPursuing Happinesswith the ladies who run the “Kiss and Tell” concessions at the Hope for Health bar and vomitorium.  He seems to equate the one-night-stand with heaven and anything longer as hell.

The choice of happiness cannot be made by the Government.  The gov can do all it can to assure a playing field where Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are possible.  Whether it actually does it’s part is certainly debatable.

The point is that the gov can neither choose, nor pursue happiness for you.

ButFriend, you might be asking: “How is this about St. John’s Jim’s life?” — Well, here it is:

I’ll define happiness myself, thank you.  At this time in my life, it has to do with channeling whatever wisdom I may possess and putting that wisdom out into the universe and seeing what sticks.  Along with as many jokes as I can think of.  I can’t rely on the rut any more, so I’m furiously finding if I have a groove.

I’m enjoying Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  As much as possible.  And I’ll do that as long as I’m able: They haven’t ground me down yet.  I’ll survive and thrive, like Jitterbug Perfume’s King Alobar, I’ll be an undigestiblebeetin our society’s alimentary canal.

How about you? 

that's all--