Angel Flakes

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Mr. Weatherman:

   Ha! The sky didn’t fall, Chicken Little!  The one to three inches of snow was the latest of overblown stories.  But we did get cold.  The very same weathermen say It is not supposed to thaw today at all.  Now that’s worthy.  Cold and dry.   Much better than a PNW day of cold and wet.

The worst part of cold is all the layers of cloth I have to deal with in the Men’s room.  Layer upon layer, each with some highly byzantine secret hand sign to pass to the next layer to free the prisoner within.  It’s sure to end badly at the urinal at Slim’s.  Pray for my sphincters.

Actually, you might pray for and honor YOUR sphincters, not mine.  You may consider that each part of you responds to praise and warmth just as your ego does.  As above, so below:  We are full of reward responsive neural centers.  Praise activated.  Praise yourself and all your 1001 parts, cause you are, they are, fabulous,Friend.  Praise the bladder, too.

The walk into town was punctuated by several mysterious, unrelated events.  Swirling snowflakes in the sunlight — not a cloud in the sky. But these were not your traditional wind blown snow.  Tiny, nearly invisible except for angelic glints:  Angel Flakes dancing in the street.  A good portent.

In Honolulu the rain sometimes comes down like that -‘Awa:  The tiniest drops with no cloud in the sky: ThePali Lookoutmakes a perfect atomizer as the wind sprays honolulu with the sweetest Angel Kisses.  Very Nice.

A woman down the street shouted “Thanks for your Stories” — I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you, was that you,Friend?

The leaves in the park crunched again as I walked over them.  Even the blades of grass attempted to support me — the crunch signaling their failure.  I salute you, fallen blades of grass, you attempted the impossible, and I honor your part in life.

I’m asked to take sides by the City Council.  Who in their right mind would care what St John’s Jim thinks?  Do they think somebody actually reads these e-mails?  Hmm.  The power of the pen — May I avoid poking it in my own eye.

These are all examples of Angel Flakes.  Tiny, almost un-noticible nice things.  All around. Notice them!  Take full advantage of encouragement, beauty, nicer than expected weather, hints and apparitions of sweet memories.  Each one is a tiny, tiny sip of athree of cupspleasure — the pleasure that is gone in a moment. Chasing pleasure is doomed, but enjoying pleasure is not.   Add these joys up, and you are a joy magnet.

So look for these Angel Flakes, they are a nice ally in the fight against anger or depression.  Your sphincters will approve.

that's all--