Day of the miser

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Tomorrow is thanksgiving.  That makes today is like Mardi-Gras for a miser.  Tomorrow the miser must be “thankful” and oh, so giving.  Last opportunity to be stingy.

Hey,Friend, honestly, I’m struggling hard with what I got.  I work when I can, and it’s damned good money, but times are tough, contract offers are pro bono, no pay, equity only, projects that just cant work.

Honest: One says: "My site’s been hacked."  I say "Yes, I found the hack, fixed it.  You need to clean the site up. It’s got holes everywhere."  – He says: "We can’t do that, the site might go down"  – I reply: "Yes, of course, sir, my mission in life is to Ransack your Roman Empire.  You have found me out."

Worse than worst.  I gotta be very careful with every penny, and I just lost my cell phone (I hate that, I have to learn a new crappy cellphone interface), and something ALWAYS pops up!

So today, buddy, I’m keeping it all.  I’ve got some schemes to keep my cash flow to the bare minimum and if they don’t work,  well, I’ll just think of something new.  Excuse me,Friend, as I spend my money on me, or nothing!

But, even as I write the previous paragraph, realizing it’s truth and yes, it is true, I notice that I’m kicking away feelings, connections, hope, what a waste of wisdom for a truth.  Never sacrifice wisdom for the merely true.

The wisdom of the bigger picture is this:  I have castles yet to build!  The real source of value is the sea of human energy.  And fishing in that sea means fishing in a sea of feelings, connections and hope.  Best not to kick over those cups.  It doesn’t change my economic situation at all, just how I think about it.

Getting those cups to work is not a once a year thing.  Maybe Thanksgiving isn’t just the day after Miser’s Day…   But it’s a start.

Today is is not tomorrow, it’s Miser’s Day.  Pretend you are a miser for a moment: think about what things you hold too tightly and what that might mean for you.  Just for today.

Today’s story is based on the destination5 of Cups(wasted emotions, regret, disconnect )

and the motifs:4 of Pentaclesand7 of wands: the miser guarding with dreams and schemes.

Hey, This one was too easy, and too obvious.  It wasn’t me, I drew the three cards fair and square.  The Tarot made me do it. 

Happy Miser’s Day!

that's all--