Grand Feng Shui Station

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I’m at Slim’s — Grand Fung Shui station — It’s got good energy all through the day. A good mix of active and passive zones.

As I wrote this, I needed the spelling of this odd word: Phunsway? Fun shway? So I ask the guy next to me. He has no idea. Instead, he picks up his iFaux and starts shouting “FUNG SHUI, FUNG SHUI” — The phone goes silent. In a few seconds it’s screen dark. It is saying “Fung U.”

The guy looks confused. He so much wanted to show off his toy, but it’s not the real deal.

I don’t want to embarrass him, so I ask him to say it slowly one more time: This time, I watch carefully as the letters come out of his mouth “F U N G S H U I” and write them down — Nailed It!!

All the Shui run on time at Grand Fung Shui Station.

Slim’s TV is now showing Portland weathermen running around in circles screaming “The Snow is Falling.” Un-fricking-believable, snow in Portland? I’ll bet it looks more likerain — Still, just to be prudent, I go back home and get my avalanche proof coat for a friend. He only had a sweatshirt hoodie. I hope the muse doesn’t mind the time I took to grab it for him.

(Author’s note: I think Torquemada came up with this Tarot Draw today. It’s a tough one.)

Destination: Three of cups — Celebration, transient pleasures.


Judgement — Final reward. Selection of highest value.

Page of Wands — news about an idea, information, knowledge.

The Muse rejects my draw of the cards. She says, “You can’t make a destination of ‘Transient Pleasures’ — That’s Throntle’s department call upon her.” The Muse turns to leave and Southwick unleashes thefist of perhapsin her face. She stares at him in amused silence as if he wet his pants. He summons Nobrow on her: she scoffs: “He’ll never hit a woman!”

I persist: “a deal is a deal: Cough up the story.” She grumbles. She stretches and strains, she searches all the crazy memories and associations I have regarding celebration, highest worth and knowledge.

D’oh:knowledge… Was that an inspiration or what? Mankind’s greatest achievement is knowledge. We can share information, the good stuff that sticks around is added to that great body of knowledge. Libraries, Google, plans, designs, history, science — Knowledge is #1. That’s a pretty final judgement. Even the Great Pyramids are pipsqueak compared to all human Knowledge. And it is our creation. It lives because of us, and will die with the last human. Pretty fabulous when you think about it.

And that’s something to celebrate, In fact, it’s happy hour NOW, I’ll drink a toast to Human Knowledge! With this weather, I’ll order a Werm Tea. It has such great Fung Shui! At this point Kermit yells “Yaay Three of Cups.” – That’s what Slim’s is all about.

that's all--