In Nature, All Colors Go Together

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Color.  I see color.  The Oregon rain has washed away the city from the green.  Actually gold, red, unguent orchid poop too.  All these shades in all combinations. In nature all colors go together well.

As I’m walking in the rain seeing the moss on the fences vibrant and alive where just a few days ago was Grey City gray.  I see preparations for halloween.  Pumpkin heads lining the patios and walkways.  Trick or treat time.  The annual parade that keeps the giant spiders away from Pier Park.

The preparations have been underway for weeks, and some of the houses have elaborate displays of hand carved pumpkins.

A very gothic street waif bundled in fur hands me a flier, I continue walking, It has a shock headline:

“Take THAT you f*cking Pumpkin!  I’ll cut your goddam EYES out!”

— How we torture our vegetables.   Sad.  Grow up Amerika! Stop pumpkin torture!

An Anti-vegetable anti-torture society.  Here in Portland.  Wearing fur.  Imagine that,Friend.  We all have our causes, I guess.

I see Hookers and johns (St. John’s johns?), Angels too.

I see a street hooker swooped up by an Earth Angel who takes the hooker to her ample bosom and suckles her as if she was an infant.

I see a sweaty, dirty man eyeing them both, waiting turn as soon as the Angel leaves.

The hooker?  They call her Throntle, after Throntle-Dontle the Germanic Tooth Farie — She’s Norse.  Heavy tooth lady.  Big teeth.  Healthy.  Ugly Betty to the max. Did I mention her teeth were prominent?(don’t stare!)

No, Throntle isn’t Norse, she’s dishwater DNA like me or you.  It’s her teeth. Magnificent but few in number.(Friend, I told you not to stare!)  She’s raised kids, they own castles in spain.  She’s done everything for everybody and given them everything and they still take, take, take all I got!  Well I’m lookin’ out for number one now, buddy, and I don’t trust you, I don’t trust ANYBODY.

Yes, she’s that kind of heroin powered hooker.  Looking for a fix and a place to sleep.  Preferably a place with some things she might borrow to keep her alive.  She has to look out for number one, now,Friend.

The john?  Does it matter?  He’s just the male equivalent of Throntle.  Got nothing, wants money, needs everything but exchanges it for the moment.  As if there were no other moments.

The Earth Angel?  Earth Angels know lots of paths.   She may even have walked the streets herself.  She has walked with many hookers and knows their emotional paths like she knows the path to the refrigerator.  She has the emotional Aikido to gently help Throntle look passed the end of her nose.  Still, the Earth Angels can only hand Throntle the windex, saying “you must clean your own vision.”

Looking for an Angel?  Wanna help an Angel? You may find them at theNW Resource Center.  For Earth Angels, all is nature and all colors go together well.  Just add love, respect and compassion.

that's all--