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Free – Just keep reading.  Chaos time.  crap.  The James John Cafe is closed this week.   Throws every damn thing off.  If I control the chaos, then it’s no longer chaos.  And believe me, I can’t control the requirements of the JJC to take their well deserved holiday, nor the butterfly effect consequences.

I find the Falafel Plate atSlim’smysteriously satisfying, but the fountain of writer’s mana here needs serious repair.  Trickier than aStutz-Bearcatcarburator with dual USB ports, these fountains of writer’s mojo are notoriously finiky. (This is writer’s block remediation: write about the block. And let me tell you It may work — The Mind numbing TV commercials are set to go off every 7 minutes.  7 minutes of clarity at a time.  It could work.)

I have to apologize to Sarrah Verdier for not giving her credit for the very fun artwork of Sandy’s Halloween Dream.  Sarrah is one of the very creative folk at theNorth End Gallery.

The Cougar fights the Boss Grizzly Spinner

On another note, I’m starting to giveTarot Readings!  Free.  To you. Friend, I’ll give you a free Tarot reading here in St. John’s just for reading these e-mail stories.  It’s my way of saying thank-you for helping me improve my writing.

The City Council reminds me that St. John’s is anamoebafree city.  Unlike the rest of Portland who have not taken a position on this important topic.  The City Council will go to any length to find a significant benefit that St. John’s offers for residents and businesses.  There have been mumblings about the Food Carts over by the Crystal Fixin Hookah drive-through.  Mumblings about amoebas with strong arm tactics.  I think those mumblings are just a bunch of made up hooey, but I’ll be following this story this month.  Keep an eye out.  Er. Open.

And if you want the Tarot reading, just reply to this e-mail and ask. 

that's all--