Ongoing Investigation

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I’m at the James John Cafe, where Seraphim make espresso with a crema so perfect, it puts velvet fog on your tongue.

This cafe (at a secret location, don’t ask) has a homey harvest warm PNW primitive motif that fits perfectly with the real homey harvest PNW outside.  Unpretentious, Mmmmmmmgglgl.

One of St. John’s ballsiest Knights of Pentacles — The worker guys, you know, is 100% the wildest guy I know.  He says “I got the LAW on my side.  I’m part of an Ongoing Investigation!”

Here is his ballsy story:  It seems years ago a certain Knight was out doing a bit of creative burglary, got caught by the sherrif, but got involved with a deal:  transferlotsof booty to the sherriff’s garage, No Questions Asked.  This required all parties involved to be very hush-hush about the whole thing:  The sherriff simply marked the Knight involved as being under a Ongoing Investigation at the highest level.  Any time the Knight got in trouble, the sherriff would just get a release for him and say they wanted to keep an eye on him, but no detective would ever get assigned to the case.

We all know that there is NEVER any corruption in government, so his story must be false, what a relief!  However, If so, Pretty Kewl!  — The Law was on his side.  Now that will encourage ballsy behavior, I’ll bet.

A real King would get the best lawyer, too.  A big difference between a Knight and a king.  The Knight is just profiting off of blind luck, and the King is profiting from good strategy.  All the great Robber Barons were Robbers, the war-lords Killers, they were just very good at strategy and execution.

I asked Southwick to help with my Ongoing Investigation into the strong-arm tactics of this amoeba-free St. John’s thing, so he went over to the food carts at the town gates to open a dishwashing concession.  He had a lot of customers at first, washing and reusing the foam plates, but after the third or fourth washing, customer’s were not able to use the plate, and Southwick’s business suffered.

Southwick is starting to do some ballsy weird shit.  He talks to Ulysses, the street guy who looks like some fungal puff ball.  Ulysses says: “You are one of the few who remember my name, and bother to talk to me” — And Southwick replies saying that “I see you here on the street, and I want to see you here tomorrow, too.  And the only way that happens is that you goddam make sure you stay alive so I can see you.  Please take care of yourself.”  You too,Friend.

that's all--