Roger Dojer -- more reliable than death

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Roger died,Friend. You may remember it from Tag:RogerObt}}}

Roger never caught on. You see,Friend, Tag:death:Death}}} was not in the manual of Preventative Maintenance, nor was it part of the Ph.D program in “minding your own business” that Roger was pursuing.

He moves a bit more stiffly now, since he is all dehydrated, and he’s covered in a white web of fungus. In fact, he hardly moves at all, In fact, if you saw him you would likely mistake him for a diseased bush.

So the residents of 3 Gunas LP were totally unaware of Roger out front with his Pickup and trailer.

He gets out, checks his tires, goes through his 12 point post journey checklist. He uses the list for any trip he goes on. His list for leaving covers 87 check points. In his present dead state, he needs to be careful that the morning glories don’t trip him up. Still, for a dead fungus guy, he got it done in record time.

Roger knocks on the door. Tommy answers and shouts: “Hey, Southwick, did you screw somebody? It wasn’t me this time. They dumped garbage on the porch again.”

Southwick comes down from his tower keep, takes one look and says: “Roger! We thought you died over on the coast somewhere. Wassuuup? You look like a Santa Claus made out of an old two by four.”

Roger’s eyes are completely covered by white webs, and he speaks in a raspy hiss: “Old lady kicked me out, said everything smelled musty. Life sux when your dead.”

Tommy busts out, and says: “You better not have lost your pensions —You still collecting?”

Roger says: “Yup, I just login and click. Everything A-OK.”

Tommy says: “Welcome back, you can have your old room. I’ll get a fan: blow the smell right outdoors.”

Southwick says: “Roger, look on the bright side, you got your old room back and you’ll never need to see a doctor!”

Roger replies: “You’re right! I’ll take that off my schedule. Tag:death:Death}}} happens. I owe you one.”

Southwick turns to Tommy and says: “It’s always nice to be on the good side of death, isn’t it.”

that's all--