SeasonsGreetingsFest 2010

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St. John’s has come to life this last weekend — Parties, Open houses, decorations, carolers in top hats and tiaras. And the red cape,Friend, popped a few eyes. Elegance now comes in Thai-hot.

Even in Tommy, OR the fun is Thai hot. It seems SeasonsGreetingsFest 2010 involves lots of calls at 2 and 3 AM.

“NO! She’s a Wack Job. No, she isn’t here. … No, a Wack Job, a WACK JOB. I don’t take her calls anymore. Tell her to stop texting me.” and “What bar are you at? You weren’t supposed to be out of Jail until Thursday. She said that? You better be gone by the time I get there.”

Of course Tommy never really went to the bar, that’s not his style. He is a master of keeping the drama going even while he spins the chnnel selector on the TV.  He multi-tasks.

I have recently commissioned a logo — my stuff is notoriously deficient in graphics. When I looked at it, it had all the right elements, the artist was faithful to my intent, but…

Tommy usually has one or two of these triangles going. For SeasonsGreetingFest 2010 he is spinning these things like the plate guy on Ed Sullivan. Tommy’s only rule is “Don’t fish off the company pier” — Any other pier? Go for it! Tommy is feeling the merry making Spirit of the Season.

Tommy’s rule: Just make sure it is at least 10% true otherwise his conscience bothers him.  

Actually Tommy’s conscience does not ever really bother him. He may not win every battle, and is sometimes the one to come out with a bruise or two, but he can not imagine a world where this kind of competition and pettiness does not exist.  He is who he is, in the world he sees.

And since it is the season of giving, Tommy wants to share his true feelings with everyone: misery. Tommy says: "If it’s at least 10% true, try it and fly it".

In the logo I look like Casper – ghostly. 0xfff in HTML slang. Pallid to the point of potash. Life-drained. I was not sure at first, so Southwick did a time-displaced mind meld at the meme level by bouncing sub-molecular vibrations off of objects in space.

The e-mail reply from the cat-goddess was:  "Nailed It!"  – Accurate feedback is to be rewarded. To both artist and feline-fatale I bid you refresh yourself with a bubble bath and a cigar. Thank you. Your consciences remain clean.

Roger’s conscience, on the other hand, will improve as he laboriously untangles himself from Tommy’s innuendos. Tommy started rumors that Roger got out the snow shovel so that Tommy’s old fiance could steal it. We wish Roger a grand holiday and quiet future in his new home on the charismatic Oregon Coast. Roger’s true feelings: weariness. Roger says: “Ya think?”

Southwick’s conscience is pretty good. Willful acts of moon are not willful acts of evil. Southwick’s true feelings: myopic optimism. Southwick says: “Who said the dick was the first to go?”

It’s High Noon and I’m declaring war on pallid.  OK, pallid, I’m growing a beard.

St. John’s Christmas tree trimming saw non-pallid crowd pleaser, Orion Guimond, organize a children’s Christmas tree trimming under the Mayor’s watchful eye.  Both the Mayor and Orion’s children’s army enjoyed the moment.  The first week of SeasonsGreetingsFest 2010 went very well in St. John’s.

St. John’s merchant’s true feelings: optimistic.

The first signs of my beard is that it is completely white. Now I’ll be casper the fuzzy ghost. Crap.

Maybe I’lltattoo on a beard. Yeah. Sure.

How’s that to give you Myopia of the Optimism?

that's all--