Simple Scientific Reality

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I had another dentist appointment.  It took about two hours for them to find the right anasthetic.  As the third round of injections kicked in I had enough time to read the National Scientific magazine.  In there it mentioned that Science now believestime is an illusion.

Ha, They Indian mystics have been pushing thatreality is illusioncrap for centuries:  Is that all you got Mr. Science?  (Science now believes? – Can a non-human believe? Doesn’tmake any sense, but we swallow it anyway.)


No, for science to be science, it has to be duplicatable.  So, Mr. Science, duplicate space and time.  Not simulate. (Can an author talk to a mythical Mr. Science?  Doesn’t make any sense, but we swallow it anyway.)


So reality is an illusion after all.  Wow.  Thank goodness.  And we paid these guys all these centuries for this?  And then the anesthetic kicked in and the pain became an illusion, too. Thank goodness.


I’m at the James John Cafe as I write this, and they just handed me my chops.  Dad-GumIt! Friend, I come here today as a flaming pillar of creativity, and I can’t concentrate on the writing when the food is this good.  Grrr.   Suzanne countered (It’s her counter): "there would be NO writing at all without the great vittles, and Jim, you should be dad-gum grateful to even get inside a secret location like this."


I’m getting together another grub-stake expedition up the entrepreneurial rivers of technology.  Thar’s gold in them thar  business opportunities.  Biz-ops. Over at the Tropic of Oregon they have grow-ops.  I look for push-ops.


Push-ops.  I push the buttons now, and the buttons I push make a ‘puter do something fun, interesting or useful far into the future: at the push of a button.  That’s what programmers do.  It takes months and an 18 hour a day meditative concentration that’s akin to zen chess.  Makes me want to go "Yeee-Haaa".  Just like a portrait painter, tell me what you want the machine to do, and I’ll write the program. On time, under budget and outperforming the specifications.  Web applications. No smaller projects than 6 man-months.  Just don’t expect me to pay attention to anything else.


And what would I be missing in my gone-a-zen state?  I’d be missing out on some exciting stuff over at the North End Galleries: an underground pool-table of energy bouncing around in worker chaos lines, all choreographed to come together this weekend (Oct 16, 2010).  Show, Art, Music, Drama, Studios, Blessings and likely, Cursings.

I tackled one of the chaosographers: Orion, surprisingly beltless and earthbound, and asked him for the facts: "what are the facts, just the facts, sir."  He said: "Doors open @ 1:00 P.M. Music starts at 2:00 12 bands All Ages Local heroes - Likity, Cheap Meats, Teflon, and Mannaquin Head! $3.00" – He disavous any reports of half-pipes, or any pipes at all. 


Stuff for the young,  Stuff for the trendy, Stuff to get St. John’s Moving!  That’s the hope.


Now lissen up,Friend, I have basically getting disbelief from my readers about, well, basically, the Three Wise Men over at Gunas Lp – Let me inform youse guys:


Tommy is professor of ethics at Waterfront University.  He has a specialty in Public Speaking and holds the coveted "mouthpiece" chair.


Roger has a Ph.D. in Preventative Maintenance and teaches on-line at "Safety First" University.  Roger says: "Safety First is it’s own middle name." He is working on-line for a second Ph.D inMinding Your Own Fucking Business.


Southwick has a M.A. in Yoo-Hoo Koo-Koo from Sewage Newage University.  Southwick says: "I see archetypes…  Everywhere."




that's all--