The Fist of Perhaps

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People sometimes use phrases that I can’t figure out. Is it slang? Is it English? Something Gov. Paris Palin said? There are lots of subcultures that I miss out on. I heard the headline phrase come out of the Muse’s mouth not too long ago. Whassit mean? "The Fist of Perhaps" — 

My long distance readers, the Ten Foot Teen and the Mamacita de Luz, want a Tarot Reading, by e-mail. OK. Let’s try this.

If you are local to Portland, though, a face to face reading is best.

-Choose a ‘question’ — what that might be is up to you.

If you share your question with me (and you phrase it so I can understand it: Friend, I’m talking to you – none of this "fist of perhaps" stuff) I can help with the interpretation better.

-Get a Ryder-waide-smith (the classic) deck. Other’s are OK if they have the standard cards.

-sleep with it overnight, unless otherwise instructed.

-shuffle deck as much as you want, Lots is good. Meditate on "der question." Ask yourself questions about the question: "Will it be good for me?" "Will it be good for my family" to "Who Gives a Fuck?"

-Pick ten at random and e-mail me the names of the cards, including ‘inversion’ if you want.

Personally, I feel that the ‘inversion’ of the archetype occurs in real-life not in the cards, and you, Friend, need to do the homework portion of the reading both inverted AND right side up.

You should pick ONE card from the remaining cards that YOU most closely identify with – in your opinion. That will be the ‘persona’ that I’ll use for the interpretation.

I’ll send you the interpretation. It is best if we do an exchange on each card, where you can ask questions, like a real reading. OR, just ask for the whole thing. 

Here is my challenge to you: Use the "fist of perhaps" in a sentence. Try to make it mean something. Anything. – I’ll reply with the best answers here.

that's all--