The Lovers

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An interpretation of Tarot 6 – The lovers.

Pat knew Sequoyah from the earliest days.

"Let’s go up to the old lighthouse, Old Sam said sometimes the gate is unlocked, and we can maybe climb to the top and see for miles" And so they would go.

"My cat got run over this morning, Pat" “That’s too bad Sequoyah, do you think we need to bury her?" – And Sequoyah and Pat dug the hole and said words, and were sad together.

And Sequoyah found a pack of cigarettesand shared with Pat. "Why do they smoke these things? I feel funny, Pat, I don’t like this. I’m real dizzy Sequoyah, I don’t want any more" – and they laid out on the dock in the sun till the woozies were gone.

"The old fort isn’t haunted." – "It is too, Pat." – "No, it isn’t, I’ll prove it, lets go up there this evening."  – "I don’t know, Pat, maybe we could go next week." – "No, Sequoyah, we got to go tonight" And they went, and jumped at every night noise, but found the old fort quiet and empty and not as scary as the noises of the owls or raccoons in the bush.

Just poke your finger like this…Yeah, now put your finger out and …. OK!  Now were are better than blood-brothers.”

"Do you believe all the stuff the Preacher says?" I don’t know, Pat, Some of it just doesn’t make sense. All that killin’ and hating in those Old Testament stories?" – "Yeah, Sequoyah, I can’t figure a God of good would do those things to get things done.  If there’s a reason to do the right thing, it’s the right thing…  shouldn’t be about punishment or reward.  It’s the higher good”  And they found that Spirit was more than just Religion.

Sequoyah and Pat watched the sunrise together, and shared the same flu together, and when Pat didn’t lock the gate properly and the cow died, Sequoyah would visit by shining a light in the window so Pat could see it over at Sequoyah’s house.

And Pat loved to listen to Sequoyahtalk about far-away countries because Sequoyah would get so animated. And Sequoyah loved to listen to Pat’s stories, because Pat could be smarter and funnier than anyone.

And they each knew moreabout the other than they really knew about themselves. Where would they grow from there?

Are you this close with your lover?  The Chinese say that to really know someone, you have to eat a mountain of salt together.  That might take some time, and perseverance

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