Tommy Believes in Magic

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Tommy is a master magician.  He deceives and you believe.  And that makes it true.  And so it isn’t a deception.  Until sometime later, maybe never. and then? Who Gives a Fuck.

That’s Tommy’s Church, you know, the Church of WGAF, the official church of Tommy County, OR: they pray that way alot. It must be a Church: beliefs, tithes, sermons — Southwick has attended a lot of these sermons recently in his quest for 100% spirituality: Truly understanding the spirituality of the unspiritual, from a spiritual level, you know, not a judgmental one.   St. John’s Jim respectsall churches.

But the person who believes in magic is also easily taken in by magic.  Especially if he thinks it is in his favor to believe — Even the simplest of tricks seduces Tommy if hits his lower chakras, the true loves in his life.

Watch him as he mixes the “Reality" show Kool-Aid made of steroid pumped nasties of our culture, and he believes 100%.  Shows likeTrue Cops,10,000 Rapists, and of course,Nostradomas Distracts.  That’s what’s real.  Kind of like when my cousin, at 4, said “Mighty Mouseis real. They even took a picture.”  Tommy believes like that.  My cousin, Monty, is now 59, and he, like many back home, still believes …  in Mighty Mouse.

That’s the strength of Tommy’s belief in the Magician.  That’s the strength of the Magician in Tommy.

Tonight Tommy is mesmerized by the claims the TV is making about an ‘evil doer’ playing up lurid details just for viewer appeal.  Slightly more true than “True Detective”.  Tommy, OR is a far realer place than TV, Tommy.  Southwick is sure the “wisdom is out there,” and not on TV.

Southwick expresses doubt in the sincerity of a supposed “witness”  — Tommy jumps in to support the confabulation.

Southwick points to the screen and says “most of what we see is made up.”

Tommy counters, “but you didn’t see all of it.” — Southwick points to the screen and says “most of what we see is made up.”

Tommy evades and offers up more Kool-Aid, but Southwick keeps hurling his psychic power ball: Pointing to thePower-Fart Adnow showing on Tommy’s ego sized HDTV, and saying “most of what we see is made up”

And finally Tommy acknowledges that thelayers of interpretation of reality are not real, but dumped on us by fantasy, society, culture or stupid peer pressure.  And Tommy, in solemn prayer says, “Yeah, Who Gives A Fuck”

AndHari Hariright back at you, Tommy, carry joy:  Southwick will sleep easy tonight.  Tommy will wake for a 5AM visit to the WGAF nunnery and return for morning service.  Unless she accepts TommyCard, she might be disappointed.  

Tommy, you are still a mastermagician. As the Great Ones remind us:  Be Excellent to each other, and Party On, Dudes.

that's all--