What's Across the Bridge -- #1

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Last night, the Oregon rain reached the millisecond 100% saturation point: Everything instantly wet, through and through. Even my backpack. That’s pretty amazing.

As I lay my tarot out to dry on the pool table of my cathedral of solitude under the Art Gallery, I hit upon this incredible scheme to wake the Muse. Shuffle and pick three cards: A destination, and two motif cards. The destination is “across the bridge” and the two motif cards are what might happen.

Today’s three cards are the10 of Cups,The Magician, andThe Tower. Too easy.

Southwick wanted to start the internet candle-lighting service, you know like votive candles in monasteries. VotiveSix.com – “We keep the light going” — He would convert a warehouse into a series of altars stacked up like Cosco Shelves. He would rent out each altar, complete with burning candle, webcam and prayer of your choice repeated endlessly. Rental would be by the week, with automatic “keep burning” service forONLYten percent extra!

The service became an instant success, and Southwick’s candle empire grew. Unfortunately, the VP Of WebCams began diverting funds away from web-cams, and started showing customers the very same candle! The public outcry caused riots at Wall Street,Tristan da Cunha, and San Quentin Maximum Security. The losses were staggering as it became clear that the major customers were top bankers, politicians, and executives, who basically only have prayers as assets.

Southwick’s empire faded, he decided that he would tend his own gardens and would keep his candles burning in his heart. At the end, he had wondrous thoughts of thankfulness as he walked into the light.

See? Too easy.

Hmm. Maybe we could hire holy men to pray to each altar. Can’t you just imagine Bishops riding fork-lifts around a warehouse maze of mini altars?

Southwick is sure the Bankers would pay top dollar for that service, Hell, it’s only money in theFed’simagination anyway.

I’m sure that thought will comfort me as I slog home in torrents of H2O radiation from the sky.

that's all--