When Kings Come Home

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New report demonstrates readers of “The St. John’s LightHouse” can add up to 1/4 pound of neurons or more! While it restores bad breath!— remember, you read it first here. 

A person who can quiet a toy terrier with a kindly and straightforward “well done”  has a rare talent:  It will be very useful for dealing with Kindergartners and City Council members. 

I keep thinking that the Tarot Deck we normally use needs more archetypes that are adapted to our different social structures, modern stuff, bla, bla, bla.   Some of the Major Arcana can be changed, or a few more options added.  There could be more "negative" cards, but the whole thing is pretty optimistic and focuses on "white magic:"

The four suits seem well chosen, though: Agression, Business, Creativity, Compassion.  And I keep realizing that when it comes to ownership, protection, stability, the king-domain king queen duality is the right one.  Kings control Kingdoms. and as sexist as the Tarot is, the King husbands his kingdom.  So the queen of Pentacles is the business, not the owner’s wife.  My queen of cups is “The St. John’s Lighthouse.”

I like to let my mind wander back to seemingly simpler times.  I let my mind combine and mix those old times with whatever comes along, like when the iPod starts playingPeter Lang’s “When Kings Come Home” —  I quickly came up with so many possibilities, that I couldn’t decide which had more “unique appeal?”

That’s because this decade is too complicated.  In the future will this decade be called the twenty-teens? The decade when technology and culture merged?

Imagine a retro interview with product development leader for the fabulous iFrog, Mark Hurdygurdy had to say about that culture-bubble: “Everybody was pumping out crazy gadgets.  We had this thing, you know, it hopped around.  That’s all it did. Who knew?!? Anyway, Apple always used the "i" in front of our product names back then, and Morty said: we can’t us the nameiHop, And I replied “we could make it iFrog.  And that’s the real story behind the name iFrog.”

Who knows, It might make a great wireless toy so that we can tease cats via Twitter.  Requirement for alien technology?  Yes, No?

One of the kings from Honolulu sent word that the band was getting back together.  That started me thinking about what possibilities might happen.   My inner writer went through lots of possibilities.

I came up with this backstory framework so I would be ready for whatever possibility this band leader has in mind!

Pick one from each selection.

The king has gone to a foreign land.  

1) to chase invaders 

2) to conquer foreign lands

3) to honor commitments to protect other lands

4) to escape a coup

5) Arrested for drug dealing (no kidding! this happened to my lawyer in HNL!)

The Kingdom as been without a king for 

1) a week,

2) a year,

3) more than 5 years,

4) several generations,

And has returned.

1) The country has fallen on bad times and the king must restore order.

2) The country has become even more successful and the people no longer wish to have a king.

3) Having been exiled, the king is put under arrest.

4) Greeted as a hero.

5) DOA

6) The king brings alien technology and devours New York

Here is an easy one: 3, 4, 1 — Aragorn of Lord of the Rings.  3, 4, 1 — Old king went to protect all kingdoms and has not returned for generations, Aragorn returns to find Gondor under terrible siege.

My Lawyer? 5, 3, 3, Yup, As far as I know, he’s still in the slammer.  Never did get my tax stuff back from him.  — Don’t give your only copy to a lawyer.

Take your pick.  Life has all of those playing in a conversation near you.  Just start listening between the lines.

Special bonus (for today’s readers only!): Work up a movie plot based on that theme.  Get rich.  

As far as the band?  If I’m smart, I’ll listen and say "good job,"  especially if there’s Alien Technology involved!

that's all--