The Fool

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ZZZZ–POP! The fool appears. He has a look of surprise and confusion as he sets his Tag:Dizzy:dog}}}, down. The pup races around, sniffs nearly everything and dances happily around his feet.

“What was that? Oh, yeah, the Tag:Contact:contact machines}}}. They always spin me around when I use them. Kind of makes me feel like I have two left feet. Where is this anyway? Sure different here. What a pretty flower.”

He sits on an old log. He takes a moment to go through his belongings: the sword of confidence, the wand of capability, the pentacle of prosperity and the cup of integrity. His dog, Dizzy, sniffs his boots. He continues: “I think I like this place. Hey Dizzy, I’m tired of thinking, anyway, and you sure like it here. And that’s just fine.”

I’m here to find my way, learn new things. If there is anything important, Dizzy, we will know it. And then I don’t have to think about it anymore. Maybe I can teach it to you.

Hmm. Can I teach a dog? I can’t teach dogs things like that! That’s foolish.

Yes, well, that’s who I am, and youcanteach dogs all sorts of things. And Dizzy, isn’t your basic childhood dog, your real name is Discernment of the Highest Good. At least thats what I was told. I call you Discernment, or mostly, just Dizzy. You are, well, a second body for me. Like a cup waiting for me at nightfall. And I will fill the cup, and we will move on as one again.

And the pup replied “Hey buddy, are you on crack? You make no sense at all.”

No, I’m the fool, and I do make sense, in fact, I only make sense, and let you do the thinking part. Did you know I used to have a monkey? It thought all the time and figured it was in charge, so I traded my monkey for you, Discernment. I lost my mind and came to my senses. Later on, I’ll teach you that you really are not a dog, but right now, it works out just fine.

And the dog replied: “I’m not a real dog? What the… That’s what I get for talking to a fool. And not just any fool, This Fool of all Fools. I better watch this guy pretty closely, or we will both be killed.”

Hey, wait, Dizzy, where are you going? You’ll get us lost, oh, look, what a good dog, you found a path. Let’s go see what is just ahead…

that's all--