Grand Visions from the 'Puter of St. John's Jim


Cascadia Free Forever!

the movement is on us!

We have been duped by the Pimp Trump and hearded by his cowboys into our last truck ride.

No longer, simply St. John’s Jim, I hereby crown myself as King of Cascadia. Protector of the coast against all enemies, both foreign and Governmental.

But what previously were simply stories: untruths meant only for idle minds, have now become blazing hot metaphors for the eternal struggle we are in.

The evil of the Tommies of Oregon, the Rationality of the Rogers of Washington, and the magic of the Southwicks of California.

For a magical time, I visited a land of great visions. The vision of the fringes of our near-prosperous America. The not quite third-world life that exists beneath the great spires and arches of the St. John’s Bridge.

Here they are: Read them and laugh.

Hail! Cascadia!